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1 - Contact via Telegram to get an invitation link

2 - Join the discord server

3 - Register on (use the link/icon below)

4 - Link your PayPal or Stripe account and your Discord username

5 - Sign up for professional membership

If you like what SFC do, join us by supporting the community.

Old Fee - 50/ monthly

New Fee - 36/ monthly (28% Discount)

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  • ko_fi_icon_130894
  • Cheap price for all the benefits - €2,3 per month for a single service

  • No lifetime fee means no scam - don't like it, don't be a part of it

  • Because honesty and transparency are very important to a community. I'm telling you that every support is used to maintain and develop the server.  The money is stored in a separate account, which I only use to make our community stronger and better.

Show me any other community that offers as many benefits for the same price or less, and join us with a 10% discount on the fee of the competitor.

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