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Learn more about the market manipulation - how it works, how to recognize it, when to expect a manipulation. Advanced techniques to take advantage of the market manipulation.


The community members have access to a private Discord channel, where they can learn more about the trade world, exchange ideas, discuss strategies and many more.

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Serpent Forex Club was found in 2022. The goal is to spread the knowledge among the traders. We are a growing Trading Community focused on improving our knowledge and enhancing our trading abilities. The community offers opportunities for members to be active in a variety of topics and to engage with each other in order to profit from the markets.


Trading carries a high level of risk and, it can affect your psychology and mental state. Before you decide to trade, carefully consider your investment, experience and risk.

We do not provide personal investment advice and we are not a qualified licenced investment advisor. Our content is only for educational purpose. We are not affiliated with any broker, bank or financial institution. The decision to place a trade, based on our analysis, is on your own risk.

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