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Learn more about market manipulation - how it works, how to spot it, when to expect it. Advanced techniques to take advantage of market manipulation.


Members have access to a private Discord channel where they can learn more about the trading world, exchange ideas, discuss strategies, long-term investments and more.

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Serpent Forex Club's vision is to be the most insightful and innovative trading community. Discipline and emotional intelligence are the core elements that ensure our members have a strong psychology.  The focus on the trading process rather than the individual trades is our key strategy.
In the end, successful trading and investing is all about risk control. 

Our mission is to maximize traders' performance in terms of fundamental, technical and sentimental analysis. Understanding how the markets are being manipulated and what is driving them is the only way forward. SFC also aims to empower and educate the members of the community, to help them develop the best strategies and to strengthen their psychology. Strategic and analytical thinking, patience, self-directed learning should be basic skills for everyone.

Serpent Forex Club believes that knowledge is power and a strong psychology and discipline are the way to unleash that power. 



With ever-evolving technology, SFC promises to deliver unrivalled service with the latest technology. Providing a range of trading tools to improve efficiency and productivity. Serpent Forex Club (SFC) is a constantly improving and expanding community. Innovation is a part of the us, and we are going to continue to work in the same direction.

Together we are better traders and investors!


Trading carries a high level of risk and can affect your psychology and mental state. Before deciding to trade, you should carefully consider your investment, experience and risk.


Serpent Forex Club (SFC) do not provide investment advice and we are not qualified or authorised investment advisers. All the content is for educational purposes only. SFC is not affiliated with any broker, bank or financial institution. The decision to place a trade or investment based on shared analysis is at your own risk.

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